About Strategic Mentoring

About us



Students and project entrepreneurs under our wing on their way to a brighter future.

tests taken

Standardized tests dominated by our mentees on their way to success.


Passion projects for budding entrepreneurs and resume-builders developed alongside our resident subject experts.

years of experience

Cumulative years of experience of our devoted mentorship team, entirely available to you upon enrollment.

Timeline of your success with us

Everyone is different. We think that's a good thing. Thanks to our streamlined mentorship design, we'll get you to your better future self right on time.
  • First MeetingOnboarding and Objective Design

    Our mentor assignment team will meet with you and establish the most high-impact route to your stated objectives and passions. In addition to subject area, we also match individual mentees to mentors based on personality and level of required experience, to accurately ensure a smooth and memorable mentorship process.
  • 1-12 MonthsStrategic Mentorship Period

    Our team of subject matter experts and teachers will develop individualized methods for ensuring that you learn, retain, and grow alongside the objectives outlined in the first session. Your success is our metric for our own success!
  • Objective Completion and Future RelationshipYour Success

    Following the completion of your academic objectives or passion projects, we will remain in touch with you to provide additional on-call assistance for your continuing education and insurance of project quality.