• sat

    Standardized testing support

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    Plan for your target school by improving your test-taking ability and exceeding their minimum score requirements.

    • ACT, SAT, and ISEE immediately available.
    • Our standardized testing mentors have extensive experience in directly improving students' test scores by tried-and-true testing methods and strategies.
    • Other advanced graduate career-specific testing preparation may also be available. Please inquire for availability of our subject matter experts.
    If you are test-shy or are applying to schools that no longer utilize standardized tests, consider our resume project program to create a holistic application and build a passionate hobby.
  • resume

    Resume project development

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    Develop an impressive resume project, hobby, or side venture by leveraging our network of mentors and subject matter experts.

    Nam malesuada:
    • Not sure where to even begin, or even what to think about? No problem - our team will take your interests and work with you to generate and develop a completely new project or ambition.
    • This is an excellent option for students who are test-shy or applying to schools who no longer consider standardized tests.
    • Projects can vary from coding apps, writing research report blogs, creating videos, to much, much more. Your imagination and ours are the limit!
    Not applying to school? We are an inventive team with entrepreneurial backgrounds with experience in launching products and companies. Inquire for availability on venture development for graduates and students.
  • academics

    Academic support

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    Your GPA is with you for life - make every point count with our academic mentoring services.

    • We cover everything from computer science to art & design. Inquire for specific subject availability.
    • We have taught students at all levels, from middle school to university. Inquire for specific class level availability.
    • Our team is well-versed in teaching via remote technology and we strongly believe that our methods can alleviate the difficulties of students in the new virtual age.
    Looking for a better deep-dive than traditional schooling can provide? We have a team of PhDs and subject matter experts on hand to teach individualized courses to you on topics you are passionate about.