About Strategic Mentoring

About us



Students and mentees taught by our team on their way to a brighter future.

tests taken

Standardized tests dominated by our students on their way to success.


Passion projects for budding hobbyists and curious coders developed alongside our resident subject experts.

years of experience

Cumulative years of experience of our devoted mentorship team, entirely available to you upon enrollment.

Timeline of your success with us

Everyone is different. We think that's a good thing. Thanks to our streamlined mentorship design, we'll get you to your better future self right on time.
  • First MeetingOnboarding and Objective Design

    Our mentor assignment team will meet with you and establish the most high-impact route to your stated objectives and passions. In addition to subject area, we also match individual mentees to mentors based on personality and level of required experience, to accurately ensure a smooth and memorable mentorship process.
  • 1-12 MonthsStrategic Mentorship Period

    Our team of subject matter experts and teachers will develop individualized methods for ensuring that you learn, retain, and grow alongside the objectives outlined in the first session. Your success is our metric for our own success!
  • Objective Completion and Future RelationshipYour Success

    Following the completion of your academic objectives or passion projects, we will remain in touch with you to provide additional on-call assistance for your continuing education and insurance of project quality.

  • sat

    Standardized testing support


    Plan for your target school by improving your test-taking ability and exceeding their minimum score requirements.

    • ACT, SAT, and ISEE immediately available.
    • Our standardized testing mentors have extensive experience in directly improving students' test scores by tried-and-true testing methods and strategies. Standardized tests require not just raw knowledge, but real strategy that we can provide. Let us help your student gain that upper hand they can't learn in school.
    • Language-specific support for standardized tests also available on a limited basis.
    If you are test-shy or are applying to schools that no longer utilize standardized tests, consider our project development program to create a holistic application and build a passionate hobby to impress reviewers and stay memorable.
  • coding

    Coding & project development


    Develop an impressive coding project or new hobby by leveraging our network of mentors and subject matter experts.

    • Not sure where to even begin, or even what to think about? No problem - our team will take your interests and work with you to generate and develop a completely new project or ambition.
    • This is an excellent option for students who are test-shy or applying to schools who no longer consider standardized tests. Now, more than ever, differentiating yourself from the crowd is critical. We'll show you how to do that with real projects that you can take with you for life, long after you've aced the application process.
    • Projects can vary from coding apps, writing research report blogs, creating videos, to much, much more. We'll leverage our experts and your interests to create an innovative and eye-catching project!
    Not super interested in school? A select number of our team have experience in launching products. Inquire for availability on product development for graduates and students, on an extremely limited basis.
  • academics

    Academic support


    Your GPA is with you for life - make every point count with our academic mentoring services.

    • We cover everything from computer science to Hebrew studies. Each tutor joins the team with a specialty area that we leverage to specifically address the problem areas of your student. Inquire for specific subject availability.
    • We have taught students at all levels, from middle school to university. Our team is composed of PhDs and subject matter experts with extensive training and experience in academic settings. Inquire for specific class level availability.
    • Our team is well-versed in teaching via remote technology, and we strongly believe that our methods can alleviate the difficulties experienced by students in this new virtual age. Many students without tutoring struggle to learn and internalize in large-class virtual formats. We know how hard that is. That's why every one of our tutors will only work with your student one-on-one, walking through each and every detail at exactly the speed required for personal achievement.
    Looking for a better deep-dive than traditional schooling can provide? We have a team of PhDs and subject matter experts on hand to teach individualized courses to you on topics you are passionate about.